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Rug Laundry

Washing, reproofing & repairs

Your rugs are washed, reproofed and dried on site, with a week/10 day turn around but quicker if needed. We do repairs, although these may take a little longer. All your rugs are washed and reproofed using NikWax products to ensure your rugs are looked after, customers rugs never share washes and rugs are always returned neatly folded in strong bags. 


Fleeces, fly rugs, coolers, etc. £6.00

Stable rugs                                 £7.50

Turnout rug wash                      £7.50

Turnout rug wash & reproof    £14.95

Fly rug wash & reproof             £9.50

Saddle pad/ numnahs             £2.00

Set of travel boots, etc.           £5.00

Dog bedding                              £5.50


Discount scheme

5 or more rugs= 5% OFF

10 or more rugs= 10% OFF

15 or more rugs= 15% OFF

20 or more rugs= 20% OFF

Please note: this does not include repairs, only washing/reproofing.


How to send them in:

We can collect them, simply leave your items in bags, labelled with your name, contact number, what you're sending and what you'd like doing with them. Just let us know where to collect them from.

Or bring them direct to the shop in bags, you can collect them when done or we can drop them off.

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