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Where it all began nearly 40 years ago...

Stanah House Farm prior to 1981 belonged to Chris's late father Roy Adams and there was not a horse in sight, but lots of pigs! The farm gradually introduced stables and offered livery (some of which are still stabled here today!).


Chris and Christine began in a much smaller shop in the barn opposite where we are today, Christine ran the shop whilst raising their two children and Chris delivered the feed and bedding.

The time came to recruit someone to help share the workload... welcoming David Bradford! Who, at the age of 17 began by mucking out pigs, and although sent home being ill from the smell, he still returned the following day and is still here over 30 years later! 


Growth in the 90's

During the 90's Chris did a lot of horse transport, taking many riders to long distance rides each weekend as well as race horses, wedding horses and for the ILPH (now World Horse Welfare). 

The late 90's saw an end to pigs on the farm and, with a young Steven Adams on board, the business focused on making hay and haylage, taking on a neighbouring farm to help expand the business. 

With an ever growing customer demand, the shop moved to its current place, taking over what was hay barns and previously used for bagging loose shavings, shortly followed by creating access upstairs to allow more shop floor.


With pig pens changed to 40+ stables, one small van to five much larger vans and a small corner shop to our store today with several barns storing bedding and endless different feeds, Stanah Horse Feeds has become a big part in the animal and equestrian community throughout the Fylde coast over the past 40 years. 

Fast forward to today and with Christine retiring in 2015 we have a few more team members , supplying the area with all their equestrian and animal needs, covering as far as Lancaster, Chipping, Blackpool & Preston. 


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